The Devils Toy [ManxBoy| BDSM]

The Devils Toy [ManxBoy| BDSM]

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Dylan By ThatGayBoyDylan Updated May 04, 2017

The world has ended, humans no longer being able to live peacefully and freely as Earth becomes the land of Satan himself. 

Each year, a human between the ages of 13-18 years is selected to serve the devil as his slave, being made to do anything he asks of them, no matter how cruel of a task it may be. 

Axel Jones is a 16 year old boy who, after losing his parents at the beginning of this new and painful reality, is one of the only humans left who won't give up his freedom. 

Regardless of the consequences, he lives his life how he likes, and his hatred for this new world along with its new ruler, Lucifer, is not at all hidden like the rest of the human race. With a whole lot of sarcasm and troublemaking, Axel feels untouchable, his faith in never being selected at an all time high as he continues his rebellion against demon kind.

However, that all changes when Lucifer's interest is peaked, and he decides to visit Axel's home town where he stumbles across a boy who sparks his interest more than any other human has been able to. 

Lucifer is suddenly head over heels for Axel, determined to make him his, but Axel won't give up without a fight.

Will Axel give in and restart Lucifer's chilly little heart, or will Lucifer once again become bored of his new toy?

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Emmy203 Emmy203 Sep 02, 2016
You know if it wasn't for the devil, you could end up being Batman... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
C_MJ_C C_MJ_C Aug 20, 2016
Mmm. I wish my eyes were that dark of a shade of green. They're kind of blue on the outside but then it's light green with a darker green circling my pupils.
forthelovenekos forthelovenekos Sep 06, 2016
Are the Jets thought that said ditto for a second. Like the pokemon ditto.....
thewriterxy thewriterxy Sep 04, 2016
Nope nope nope nope I would have had to die first my mouth is just to reckless
Queenlyssa6273 Queenlyssa6273 Aug 31, 2016
Why is there still school really Lucifer are you just want to be that cruel to us
Queenlyssa6273 Queenlyssa6273 Aug 31, 2016
O lord it looks like she's trying to suck my soul from my body with her eyes good God😐😐