I Almost Killed My Crush's Mom

I Almost Killed My Crush's Mom

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ℓαυяєи By Cherry_Cola_x Updated Jul 10, 2016

I, Lois Mai Reynolds, am all kinds of clumsy.

I fall over flat surfaces. I drop expensive vases, and miraculously find ways to trip over thin air. Not a day has passed by when I'm not wearing a Band-Aid for some kind of accident that I've endured, and it's stooped to the level now that my parents call me King Kong and joke about having warning signs and safety tape around my bedroom door. Once upon a time, I used to think of that as a laughing matter, but not anymore.

Not since I almost killed my crush's mom.
Suddenly the idea of being compared to a giant gorilla of mass destruction doesn't actually seem that crazy.


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poobytori poobytori Jan 08
Both you and your father like to play with your lovers, right? After all, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Ezra will be so disappointed.
-xaliaax -xaliaax Dec 29, 2017
i literally tripped over my shoelaces 2 days ago and hurt both my knees and ripped my pants (they were my favorite pants so its really sad)
I was in class and managed to get my purse rapped around a chair and yank it around the classroom and then fall and get a bloody nose then caused my teacher to fall then i fell on my way to get ice!! ALL BY JUST WALKING TO MY SEAT!!!
nousernameavailablex nousernameavailablex Dec 30, 2017
                              31st dec 17
                              3:19 am
                              P.s. Keep commenting on this to remind me of this comment in the future lol
I tripped over flat surface in my classroom today :| and my best friend managed to see it and laugh like idiot :|
lunarfanava lunarfanava Dec 28, 2017
I read your other book call TBBSMB I love It so much. U are my all time fav wattpad author. Thank you