Void » Stiles Stilinski (discontinued)

Void » Stiles Stilinski (discontinued)

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čhæng (s/h) By seungcheolist Updated Apr 12, 2017

"Let me out!" She screamed, banging on the cool metal that served as a prison.

"Let me in." The dark figure rasped, suddenly appearing by the small openings of the locker. She gasped, familiar brown eyes piercing her own.

"Let me in," he repeated, the gruff voice now morphed into a much gentler, familiar voice. She couldn't look away from his eyes, the desperateness of them holding her captive. She was only able to whisper one choked syllable.


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herondalesmiles herondalesmiles Oct 19, 2015
Also just saw Emily Rudd is the girl! (I don't know her name yet) but why can't I look like her?
herondalesmiles herondalesmiles Oct 19, 2015
As soon as I clicked on this story, "I Don't Care" by Fall Out Boy came on. Coincidence? ;)
BrendaStilinskixxx BrendaStilinskixxx Sep 17, 2015
Started to read this and then I saw my comment which I posted ages ago tabs ten I saw that I had already was this :(
greenandgrey greenandgrey Jun 13, 2015
-TeenageIdle -TeenageIdle Jun 09, 2015
I like slow alternative like Marina and The Diamonds,Lana Del Rey ect
skrsgards skrsgards Nov 21, 2014
I like how you started this. I don't even have any void stiles stories in my library, and I stumbled upon this and really liked the cover, and as I started reading, I liked the story as well.