Torn By a Rose

Torn By a Rose

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                             Chapter 1

Blue Rose Kingdom        15 years ago

The queen, Queen Aurora, had gave birth to 2 handsome baby boys which were named

Sonic and Sam the princes of Blue Rose Kingdom

and a few months later a servant gave birth to a beautiful baby girl which was named

Amy Rose

Sonic was a blue hedgehog with emerald green eyes.

Sam was a dark blue hedgehog with dark green eyes. 

Amy was a pink hedgehog with emerald green eyes.

Amy's dad was a gardener in the Blue Rose Kingdom, Amy's mom was a servant in the Blue Rose Kingdom, and even though both her parents lived and worked there, Amy and the 2 brothers never met.

Sonic and Sam were both very mischievous and very playful. They always played with each other and loved to play pranks on others. They lived a pampered and rich life but they were never really happy, their dad, the king, was always at war and their mom never gave them attention or love.

Amy was beautiful, calm, kind, and some times a little mi...

Bruh the first thing u think about, are u aware of ur husband's freaking death
lacely101 lacely101 Apr 06
King: I'm dying, so i need a favour...
                              Sonic: yes dad?
                              King: I need go to a pointless war with the red rose kingdom and win so the blue rose kingdom can have more money and power....
                              King: welp that was a mouth full *dies*
                              Sonic:Nooooooooo dad! =(
They is a hedgehog, not a rat Mrs. I-Married-The-King-Only-For-Money
PinkBubblegummy567 PinkBubblegummy567 Oct 29, 2016
Wow thats it...."He's dead" sonic is so chill.......😐😑😯
Marty_the_Hedgehog Marty_the_Hedgehog Jun 27, 2015
Good to see you back mate. What happened to the username Xiomi Kitty?  I kinda liked that one there..
LivetteThorn LivetteThorn Jun 20, 2015
oh my,...... I'm sorry to say this but this is by far..........THE BEST DARN STORY I'VE EVER READ!!