The alphas anything but normal mate(werewolf BoyxBoy)

The alphas anything but normal mate(werewolf BoyxBoy)

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Azrael Tarquin By MrissaSetchel Completed

Alex is a small gay band kid with a hot head and a strong over protective best friend (kat)  keeps him sheltered and safe 

Jacob is the strong mellow alpha's son of the Lumen (light in Latin) pack and will soon be taking the alpha role, and is after the small boy 

what will happen when the two worlds collide and kat the over protective friend tries to stop it. And Alex is the half breed of an alpha! Will the two get over the many obstacles that they face or will this fail.

And will Kat get over the horrible resurfacing memories,can the beta show that all are not the same. Will this love and pack survive or will the world come crumbling down around all of them.

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indigomayasummer indigomayasummer Mar 14, 2017
This is just Great
                              Let me grate some cheese
                              Guys I just heard something outside that sounded like laffy/daffy? Duck
Y’all are right 😂. I wrote this when I was 12 and English isn’t my best language sorry.
UmaThurmansMigraine UmaThurmansMigraine May 05, 2016
Cheese guys, get off their back with the grammar. 
                              Haha. Get it?
                              Grate? Cheese?
                              Ha. Ha. Haha.
                              Love me.
Cold_Noodles Cold_Noodles Oct 14, 2015
Great* and you misspelled soul back there but loving it so far as you correct you mistakes.
Mr-Lemon Mr-Lemon May 21, 2015
At least he isn't being all dicky about him being his mate. That earns him huge kudos from me xD
TheOriginal101 TheOriginal101 Mar 24, 2015
this had awesome potential to be is a great story just need to fix the spelling errors but I'm gonna keep reading haha