Demigods Need High School

Demigods Need High School

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After the war, the Gods decide that their children need proper education, and fun, and a chance to be real teenagers. How do they get that?
High School. 

So hands up for a lot of fun, parties, drama, break ups, make ups, Gods and monsters. Just your regular High school.

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TDP1337 TDP1337 Apr 15
How are they gonna get in the apartment if its on a apartment? XD
I have to coaches in my school. Coach Dwyer and Coach Dolezal. I call them both Mr. D
Leo also killed Gaea, like, he was literally the one who killed her
Omg, Liam Volcanoes, Poppy McDonald, Nicola DiSatan and John Green XD
When i read Reahya i thought it sounded like he was gonna say real and then just yea... *ROOOOOOAR OF LAUGHTER*