Demigods Need High School

Demigods Need High School

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Moonlight By druglordhes Updated Feb 21

After the war, the Gods decide that their children need proper education, and fun, and a chance to be real teenagers. How do they get that?
High School. 

So hands up for a lot of fun, parties, drama, break ups, make ups, Gods and monsters. Just your regular High school.

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SmolTheo SmolTheo May 05
Must be included: Frank, Hazel, Grover(FIGHT ME), Thalia, The Stolls, Katie, Lou Ellen, Cecil, Chris, and a pictures of our favorite dead characters.
Yay! WaitWHAT ABOUT MY FRAZELLLLLLLLLLL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
                              *pushes Reyna toward the door*
                              Reyna, get out! I gotta get meh some Frazel up in here!
Nicola DiSatan??  lol I'm deceased. I am no longer living😂😂😂😂
SmolTheo SmolTheo May 05
They could simply walk to school because, about everyone walks to everyplace unless you are taking the Subway or Taxi. I been to New York.
SmolTheo SmolTheo May 05
Oh yeah, all the anxiety, rumors, gossip, depression, and visiting my counselor. Wait the only great part is your guidance counselor and your band director giving you cookies.