Demigods Need High School

Demigods Need High School

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After the war, the Gods decide that their children need proper education, and fun, and a chance to be real teenagers. How do they get that?
High School. 

So hands up for a lot of fun, parties, drama, break ups, make ups, Gods and monsters. Just your regular High school.

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ThirdWheel_BestWheel ThirdWheel_BestWheel Dec 19, 2016
How did Reyna get there? She's Praetor shouldn't she be at Camp Jupiter?
Cherry_PopTarts Cherry_PopTarts May 09, 2016
Yay! WaitWHAT ABOUT MY FRAZELLLLLLLLLLL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I know I'm late for this and no was when he started this fandom
-fandombeforeblood- -fandombeforeblood- Oct 01, 2016
                              *pushes Reyna toward the door*
                              Reyna, get out! I gotta get meh some Frazel up in here!
Lea_Valdez16 Lea_Valdez16 Nov 09, 2016
Nicola DiSatan??  lol I'm deceased. I am no longer living😂😂😂😂
ThirdWheel_BestWheel ThirdWheel_BestWheel Dec 19, 2016
But... Hazel deserves a normal life too... So does Frank... But, okay. I'll go with this.