The Sexy Possessive Twin Alphas

The Sexy Possessive Twin Alphas

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Sharleneeeee By liiiyingggg Updated Oct 12

Maryann Laura Carter is a studious and hardworking girl in East High which is a all -werewolf school.Maryann is a werewolf but she haven't found her mate even though she turned seventeen already. she really wants her mate. She has a group of guy bestfriends and she loves all of them as big brothers

Cameron James Parker and Tyler Jonas Parker are twins and they also had not found their mate.It's weird that twins share a mate, they also attend East High.Cameron and Tyler are both Alphas of the Black Moon Pack.Being alphas they are possessive over their mate, The worst thing is that they haven't found their mate....

Will Fate being Maryann and the twins together?

I'm glad someone put a girl as tall instead of like 4'5 like a midget
The question is WHY she is in trouble b/c even though they'll be possessive, it should be more gradual then how it normally is shown
hey_landry hey_landry Oct 24
I am literally going to imagine her as 4'1 just cuz I am so short
Damn! She is so freaking tall! And way past average men height!
to be honest I looked at this book for the cover , but when I read this description I was like oh...yes!
lynns76 lynns76 Aug 09, 2015
how can u take a 'quick shower' I take 45 mins to shower and I ain't even taking about straightening my hair when it dries