The Daughter of The Goddess | Link x Reader

The Daughter of The Goddess | Link x Reader

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Natsu Dragneel's Mate By Phantomhive_Butler Updated Oct 31, 2017

Hundreds of years ago, Hylia, the Goddess, sent her only daughter through time to aid The Hero and herself reborn as a human. Hylia's daughter, _____, suffered throughout her childhood and had to deal with loneliness, isolation, and was tormented by the thought of not being wanted by her mother and father. However, when Link's journey begins, she finds out her role in the beginning of an endless timeline. Her sword spirit, Ri, is a flirtatious and strong warrior meant to protect her, but he finds himself distracted by the beautiful Goddess-to-be. Link and Ri bicker and fist fight over everything, especially when it comes to _____. Both fall in love with her and are focused on winning her over, but who will she pick to be her lover? 


"OMG pls, more chatpers plz pls plz."- Someone who can't type.

"Mighty fine."- Me


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I'm not used to link talking because all he does in-game is just hYAAA
Has_no_life Has_no_life Apr 25
Apparently people with black hair and red eyes don't get dates, can't see why though. Maybe it has something to do with the demons hanging nearby...
                              Nah, guys are just idiots.
Talka244 Talka244 Feb 10
Oh I hate spoilers but I jave a question anyway. She does end up with Link not Ri right?
I have, a warrior goddess thingy. He says that he needs to protect me because the GODDESS said so, and you just leaving like
                              "Well, I'ma go now"
You're dying, but you'll be ok.
                              HOW CAN I BE OK IF I'M DYING????
Akira9009 Akira9009 Mar 18
YAAASS!!! Links Japanese name!!!! OMG I'm trying so hard not to fangirl!!!