My Innocent Neko

My Innocent Neko

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[OH HEY look a new story I wanted, its more Innocent (no not sexually ) anyway hope you will enjoy it,and up top is Kyle,On cover is Kuroi)


   I sighed and walked around more with my boyfriend John (ill have a picture of john in the next chapter) in the woods behind my house hand in hand and I layed my head on his shoulder,he was a little taller than me about an and inch, then we stopped and layed his finger under my chin and was about to kiss me but he stopped when his phone went off and I bit my unkissed lips groaning "You have to go dont you...". John grapped his phone and sighed nodding "Sorry..."

I shrugged "Its okay " He kissed my cheek "I can drive you back home if you want" I shook my head "Nah, kinda wannn walk around here " John leaned in and kissed my neck whispering "I'll repay you later" I trembled,shivering, and bit my lip "O-okay" He walked away and I sighed walking more in the woods and ended up finding a lake and blinked seeing a black cat sitting on a rock ...

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vileAmkeran vileAmkeran Jul 22
Bitch you ain't no surprise I wanted brownies and Tokyo ghoul
I walked in on my dad and step mom doing it one time, I learned that they are very kinky......
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PatheticLxve PatheticLxve Dec 03, 2016
We were in a hotel room and my aunt and uncle (her fiancé -now married-) thought I was sleep when they did it . . . . THE HORROR, I WAS ONLY 7!!!
Ashisnotcute Ashisnotcute Dec 29, 2016
That poor cat is probably witnessing this , also great 'Term Kip'