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The Heroes of Hogwarts(Heroes of Olympus and Harry Potter crossover)

The Heroes of Hogwarts(Heroes of Olympus and Harry Potter crossover)

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Amber W. By notebook_pencil Completed

The Seven have successfully completed their journey in Epirus and were sent back to Camp Half-Blood for recouperation. But when Annabeth's mother warns her of troubles across the globe, she and the rest of the Seven and Nico are thrust into the mysterious school called Hogwarts to uncover the truth behind the powers of the wizards and witches living within its walls. Crossover fanfiction between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus series. ALL RIGHTS FOR HARRY POTTER GO TO J.K. ROWLING. ALL RIGHTS FOR PERCY JACKSON/ HEROES OF OLYMPUS GO TO RICK RIORDAN.

Also, I suck at writing, so this book is FULL of plot holes, bad grammar, spelling, and other things. I'm too lazy to actually go back and edit anything so yeah...

lolaizgr8 lolaizgr8 Dec 28, 2016
Plus there's the nine worlds from Magnus chase. 
                              And don't forget the multiverse, so technically there is a never ending variety of worlds
Mollydog13 Mollydog13 Jan 03
"There was a rapping tapping at my door." Anyone know who that is?
NO!! Think about Nico!! Bianca was part of the hunt before she died!! It would bring too many bad memories for him!!
Jamie13121819 Jamie13121819 Dec 22, 2016
If I wewe not a legacy of hades and Nico was not gay I would love him(i do already but i mean love love.)
i-have-no-life1811 i-have-no-life1811 Dec 18, 2016
Are all the gods gonna show up and hand out prophecies like Mars did?
                              Hey, Mars, you started a trend!
lily3419 lily3419 Jan 03
I thought it said 'Nico wonderland' and was like 👏👏👏😛😛😛😭😭😭😂😂😂😜😜😜🍟🍟🍟