I'll Stand By You

I'll Stand By You

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He always stood by you, no matter what.

No matter how popular he was...

No matter what got in the way of the friendship.


I have 18 friends in reality because I'm friends with everyone in my class
-Official_Lily- -Official_Lily- Sep 25, 2016
And he's calling me stupid? God GO PIKACHU! USE LIGHTNING SHOCK! (Is it lightning shock or bolt haven't watched in a long time!)
helenelynghaug helenelynghaug Sep 28, 2016
Where the frick is my boy Barry and Wally(why wasn't he in the anime? ;-; ;w; )
lovergale1000 lovergale1000 Oct 21, 2016
*takes deep breath* HOW BOUT YOU SAY THAT TO MY FACE I DARE YOU!!! *gets ax*
Jenni_Ash Jenni_Ash Nov 04, 2016
Isn't that kind of an insult? I don't mean to put this on blast but *someone that would punch you back harder* 
                              IZ U SAYING IM WEAK
                              lol jk jkjkjkjkjk I know it isn't an insult 😂😂
miszshifa miszshifa Dec 10, 2016
Get out of my life bitch,.....before I call Sarah..
                              Rudy:Whos sarah??
                              Me:Ever heard of Tokyo Ghoul?