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Louis' Love By erica_xoxo_ Completed

"I love you Elise. I have, for a while now. Whenever I see you with him, I just get this feeling. And I spent a while trying to figure out what it was. And I've come to the conclusion that it's jealousy. And when I see you with him, I don't know why, but I have this urge to punch him. And I know that's not allowed with the school code but I just hate him so much when he's with you. My insides hurt. I need you Elise. I love you Elise. More than anything in this world. The love I have for you is uncontrollably, disgustingly, crazily, insane yet beautiful. I love you more than Prince Charming loves Cinderella. I need you more than I need air to breathe. Please Elise, I love you." 

Elise has had a really hard senior year so far. And who would think that the two people she cares most about would make it a million times harder? 

(sequel to My Ex is My Teacher. read that first!!)


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Love Kings Of Leon omg yasssss girl slayyyyyyy ughhhh •as you can tell, dies•
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No really. Can someone hold my phone? I can't reach my cheetos
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She doesn't have a story like that unless she deleted, but she has yours in her reading list so that might be why
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All the comments have an 8 in the date..... I've come here to fûck it up
Dont give continue what ulove dont let anyone stop you😊😊