Unlocking Your Heart

Unlocking Your Heart

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Princess (Name) most definitely wasn't the most beautiful princess in the regions. Because of that, she was bullied and ridiculed. Finally, she decided that she had had enough and ran away at a young age.

When (Name) returns many years later, many are surprised at how much she had changed. The only thing is, why can't she see how she truly looked to others? Why does she still think she's ugly?

After being so emotionally beaten up, she had locked he heart up. Tightly. Who can help this young princess whose heart is spiked with ice and has a seemingly unbreakable lock? Maybe a certain spiky-haired brunet? Or maybe the fate of her beloved kingdom?

(Gary Oak x Reader) (Slight!Ash Ketchum x Reader) (Pokeshipping and one-sided Leafgreenshipping)

Fuzzyheartz Fuzzyheartz Sep 29
But, wtf...
                              I AM garbage.
                              Why the hell are you saying something NOW?
I would've called my Eevee "Ava" a long time ago XD
                              ITS THE PERFECT NAME FOR AN EEVEE XD
Since I was just rereading this, I feel like an idiot. When I first read this, I was like 'didn't she say six years'?, but since I was too lazy to go back to make sure and just went along thinking that she was gone for a day.
PuggyShimz PuggyShimz Nov 28
Fuzzyheartz Fuzzyheartz Sep 29
I'm not skinny.
                              I am a very sexy potato.
                              And I am proud!😝
littlenikki21 littlenikki21 Jun 17, 2015
good. she can realize who's a womanizer  like britney spears XD