Finding Lucy

Finding Lucy

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WARNING: this story is terrible and I pulled it out of my ass, if you still want to read it just know you've been warned 

Lucy Dreak left her home town at the age of 20, leaving behind not only the memories of her parent's death but also the man she loved. She settled in Boston, all the way across the country from her original home in Seattle. Lucy was a pianist, playing at charity balls and formal events the people of the upper class held. She was amazingly talented and that caused her to be the one people called first. She was happy somewhat, the only thing missing being Daniel but she was sure he hated her for leaving him.
    Daniel Hawthorne was the leading man in Seattle, having taken over his families business he was now one of the richest men in the country. Using his money, he hired people to search for the one girl he loves, Lucy. No one could find her and it killed him, the constant worry and fear of her getting hurt. Heart broken and pained Daniel tried to move on, he became known as a player, not sticking with a real relationship. One of his business partners holds an event in Boston, inviting him to come. It was the same event Lucy is playing at. 
    What happens when these two meet again? Will Daniel let Lucy run away again or will he hold her in his arms and refuse to let her go ever again?

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