Stay With Me

Stay With Me

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Gary Oak was your childhood rival. After you are forced to travel with him, you find ways to be able to leave him. Unfortunately, he kept coming after you. Why?

After you thought that you had left him for good, and had started your life over by becoming a Pokemon Designer, he somehow finds you again. Somehow. 

But now, you realize that your feelings have changed. You don't hate him, you don't like him... so how do you feel about him? 

You and Gary's complicated relationship isn't the only thing that was getting in your way. Little did you know, you had a powerful being and a foolish other plotting against you the whole time...

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Bluekinn Bluekinn Apr 15
I feel like yelling ' AND ITS NAME IS JOHN CENA!' went it jumped to me.
EmilyLiu38 EmilyLiu38 Sep 04
Yes so excited,
                              I can't wait to evolve it into a Silvion or Umberion
Kat_Night Kat_Night Oct 21, 2016
"Rivals since they were in diapers."
                              This should be in the games.
mysticcjupiter mysticcjupiter Oct 30, 2016
"fought over a broken pokeball"
                     that supposed to be like how Ash and Gary fought over the pokeball when they were younger? or just a coincidence? lol
CreepyLovez CreepyLovez Jan 20
Yay a pokemon I can get anywhere this is gen 1 I think and that was like the most amazing pokemon due to its three evolutions other than the lengendarys
those are Ceylon,Chili and the blue haired guys( forgot his name) cheerleaders.😓