Hierarchy (mature h.s)

Hierarchy (mature h.s)

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"Head up, shoulders back. Chest out, stomach in. Bite on the insides of your cheeks if you have to, Mr. Styles has a thing for defined cheekbones. Don't look like you're so scared, he senses fear. Take your hand out of your pocket as well, have you no decency?" 

"Ma'am, I'm not used to-" 

"Well get used to it. You're his now."

dani-m dani-m Aug 16, 2016
You don't say that in an interview. You gotta talk yourself up
dani-m dani-m Aug 16, 2016
I'm going to guess prison because she was unable to attend college and she's talking about changing herself
salty_flower salty_flower Jul 17, 2016
Limits? What limits? 
                              As far as im concerned i dont hav any limits when it somes to smut😂
dani-m dani-m Aug 16, 2016
What happened to being confident??? Now she's covering herself when an extremely attractive guy is clearly interested in her
dani-m dani-m Aug 16, 2016
Why is it that I thought of Madden Sports when she said her name??
kaykay2568 kaykay2568 Jan 14
That is the number 1 thing you absolutely do NOT say in an interview