Learning to Love Complicated (Book 1)

Learning to Love Complicated (Book 1)

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S A V A G E 🧜🏾‍♀️✨ By justcallmesavage Completed

Originally titled In Love with A Thug. 

Surrounded by fortune, Jamaica is the daughter of one of the most successful men in the music industry which plays a cover as to what he really does. She's beautiful, ambitious, and loyal with a temper that can turn any man off. All she wants to do is work hard, and eventually love a loyal man who deserves all she has to offer. But will anybody ever be able to accept her intelligence, along with her temper? 

Swallowed by the ghetto becoming another statistic, Knowledge Smith is the product of his environment being the definition of complicated. From his tumultuous relationship with his girlfriend, and trouble seeming to find him in every way he can't catch a break. All Knowledge wants to do is make his way out the hood, while keeping the mindset that all females are the same since they always bring him trouble.

When two souls, from two different walks of life meet it'll either make them or break them. Lies, drugs, sex, and betrayal all come into play when you're dealing with complicated.

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KailunW KailunW Jan 09
Why would you even put that in the same sentence as “my girlfriend”
ihategoodbyes109 ihategoodbyes109 Nov 16, 2017
This why niggas stay in this bummy business 🙄.. cause ya boys think you lame for making legal money.. glad you know better tho
ihategoodbyes109 ihategoodbyes109 Nov 16, 2017
This is why people say y'all niggas gay😂.. you can't claim to want better and keep putting yourself in a situation that's gonna give you worse... but whatever
swaEvy swaEvy Aug 10, 2016
ashonterey ashonterey Jul 30, 2016
Omg when did this get uploaded I loved this series!  Thank you for re-uploading