Draco Malfoy's Sister

Draco Malfoy's Sister

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Hey, you know Draco Malfoy, right?

Yeah, I thought so. Most people do.

But I bet you didn't know he had a sister.


Not many people knew about me. Even Draco didn't until I was eleven.

You see, shortly after I was born, I was kidnapped. No one knows who did it. Draco was only one at the time, so he doesn't remember it. I don't either, actually, this is what my parents told me when they found me.

I was raised by a wizard couple in northern Scotland, and when I got my Hogwarts letter, I was ecstatic.

There was just one problem. The letter had the wrong surname. It said Malfoy, not Rivers.

I'm Regina Malfoy, and this, is how my story begins.

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Theres all these people saying their wands while im like 'I dont know XD'
Fir wood, Dragon heartstring core, 13", unyielding flexibility.(I especially like it's core because 
                              1. It's easiest to turn evil😉
                              2. It makes for one of the strongest wands)
Cypres wood and Unicorn hair, I like it because
                              a. Cypres wood people are usually brave and die to save someone
                              b. Unicorn Hair wands are hardest to turn evil!
SapphireMalfoy SapphireMalfoy 6 days ago
You guys can use my name in your books if you want! I'm alright with it!
Mine is Witches wood Vela hair and Phoenix feather core 15" and Spriny
Mines is Black Walnut wood with a Unicorn hair core 13 ¾" and Hard flexibility