My Hyung [[kaisoo FF]]

My Hyung [[kaisoo FF]]

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bts trash By -hoeseokkie Updated Apr 01, 2016

They have known each other since toddlers, so it's normal for them to play with each other.

"Hyung, I want you to make that fried chicken again," Jongin asked pouting at the older. "Last time I saw you ate that thing was this morning, so no." Jongin stop tgeir track, pulling his hand from the older tight grasp.

"But I want more!" Jongin once again pout, huddled on the path. "Jongin, no is no. You better get up or else.." Jongin suddenly stood up, smirk faint on his small face as he walked dangerously too close. 

He stop right to Kyungsoo's left ear, he's glad that Kyungsoo is a few centimetres shorter than him. "Or else what, hyung?" Jongin licked his plump lip within his husky voice. 

"O-Omo, Kimchi Spaghetti!" Kyungsoo ran to the family restaurant, palm close to his left chest hoping it will slow down the abnormal beating.

And that what's happen every other day. It was all perfectly fine until one day, Kim Jongin went cold. Especially towards Kyungsoo.

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-mintyeong- -mintyeong- Aug 17
Im sorry but what. Im not a fan of this 'Kaistal', but Kaisoo. Thats my s h i t
-mintyeong- -mintyeong- Aug 17
You know I always wonder where the hell the rest of the members of f(x) are in these stories
-mintyeong- -mintyeong- Aug 17
Me while reading fanfictions: I hate HyunA, Taeyeon, and Krystal
                              Me in real life: I love them all.
dliteful dliteful Aug 06
ALSO WHY ISN'T RY WITH YESUNG??? [hehe i ship him with donghae and leeteuk too]
I wish my friends said this about me instead they call me a weeb obsessed and trash
Jikook my BTS OTP in a Kaisoo fic (that is my EXO OTP) got me feeling some kinda way. I'm sO HAppY