Friends With Benefits (Book I) Complete

Friends With Benefits (Book I) Complete

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Melanie Wright

Today was another year at this stupid ass university. The same stupid ass kids with the same hoes, same niggas, and some of the same lame ass teachers. I know there's going to be some new freshmen coming out, but they're the least of my worries.

I rolled out of bed heading into my bathroom. I cut on the lights and strip out of my bra and panties. I hate clothes. I only where them outside, but as soon as I step in the house I take 'em off. I step in the shower letting the hot water hit my face and body.  

My name is Melanie Wright. I'm 21 years old, only child, favorite color is black and pink, I'm antisocial, but I know a lot of people. I'm 5'9 - which I'm glad about. I really don't want to be short and I don't want to be tall either. I'm a good hearted person, but people sometimes take that as my weakness and I can't allow that. I'm a laid back type of girl, I absolutely HATE for people to touch me without permission. My mom and dad aren't together, but they communic...

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bonnie_clyde_baby bonnie_clyde_baby Aug 06, 2017
Me to i be like show to on self around dont give af if you new or ask dre
Same except my parents have a weird relationship and I'm 5'2