The Angry Alpha [#Wattys2015]

The Angry Alpha [#Wattys2015]

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(Warning: mature)

"Shut your pretty fûćking mouth." He gripped her neck tightly and tugged her forward. 
"Your mine, cross this packs borders and your whole pack dies like this." He snapped his fingers, "Don't fûck with me." 

Forrest was an angry child growing up. He lived in many foster homes because his biological parents didn't want him. No one wanted to adopt a 10 year old with a scar running from his eye to his cheek. Then something worse happened a merciless alpha learns of the young werewolf in a human populated house and adopts him. Blinded by hate towards women the mate less alpha killed many. Forrest was guided and abused to his evil ways. 

A rogue fire was spread to the lands and burned down may houses and killed tons of weres, the alpha died that day making Forrest his only successor the alpha. That day was one of the biggest pieces of history for that was the day the youngest alpha took over. 
Samantha Collins is just a normal were, accidentally crossing the borders of the Lucifer Pack she is captured. 

How do these two meet? And how do you think Sam will react when she is mated to the most notorious alpha there is? 
1st book in the triology "Love is E.V.O.L" 


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