Nerdy And The Beast

Nerdy And The Beast

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Genie (@TheBaconGuru) By geniusduckee Updated Jul 06, 2015

"Friends are a waste of time and energy. They are a hazard to my intellectual intelligence....especially those who attend my school as you saw last year at the food festival" I curtly say as I go back to reading my book.

Jamie Willows had always considered herself as someone who didn't like mixing with people. Why? Because her superior intelligence has everyone around her looking dumb. 

She hates everyone around her including her never sober mother and her whole entire school. Her cynical personality has everyone avoiding her which suits her completely fine until one day she's thrown into a turmoil of trouble.

After nearly getting killed in an alleyway the schools bad boy and player jumps into save her, costing one of his most precious secrets to be revealed to Jamie. 

She can't run away.
She can't hide.
She can only be helplessly bound to him.

( IMPORTANT: This book is no longer going be updated on this account but on my other account: @TheBaconGuru )

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ElizaClaire8 ElizaClaire8 Jul 10, 2017
It's and accent y'all just can't do it if ur not from the ghetto
Ginger_Sweets Ginger_Sweets May 28, 2017
Pun deffo intended. Deffo doesn't sound right but eh wateves
broken_piano_keys broken_piano_keys Jun 19, 2016
I did not laugh at the actual words he said, but then I read the comments and now I cannot stop....seriously help me, I think I am in the process of choking....
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Shut the fûck up before I turn you off😤...that made way more sense in my head😳I'll just go sit in a corner☺️
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                              A F U C K BOII GET YO DICK OUTTA YO  ASS
Crazy_fandom_gal Crazy_fandom_gal Nov 24, 2015
Hmm, I wonder if she's a Supernatural fan.....?
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