Breaking The Game [Book #1]

Breaking The Game [Book #1]

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Sarize Perez By Kameo_ Completed

21 year old Allie Samson is a tattoo artist by day and a sex lurker at night; engaging different types of women into her lustful traps - until she lays her eyes on Alix Carter, the 19 year old volleyball player who's captain of her team and a bombshell. Allie begins to hang around Alix and slowly starts to break the rules she set for herself about avoiding love when she realizes its too late.

As if Allie's absence of memory wasn't enough, important things and persons begin to surface back into her life shedding truth about her past. Allie must now face the many challenges and lessons that love has to bring.

[Finished January 16th, 2016. Occasionally updated for grammar mistakes and spelling.]

I have never read Girlsxgirls stories, but i love this already:))
Okay let me get this straight My name, my body type, my eyes, my freckles, my hair... I'm being stalked XD I'm not joking when I say all the same XD