My Beautiful Devil (Gale) {Fairy Tail AU}

My Beautiful Devil (Gale) {Fairy Tail AU}

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Chello By chello_8893 Updated Sep 30, 2015

A man who is hell-bent on getting revenge. A woman who just wants to find love. They were connected by a chance encounter, and brought back together seemingly by fate. Will he be able to forgive the woman who disappeared with his heart five years ago, and will she be able to open hers in order to let him in? 

(c) for characters to Hiro Mashima! I just own the AU and the plot! ^_^


(I suck at descriptions...I'll write a better one soon!)

JazzyFizzle101 JazzyFizzle101 Aug 01, 2016
Natsu, and Gajeel have motion sickness though. Why aren't they afraid of the train, and of getting it.
Sapphire_Blue_07 Sapphire_Blue_07 Sep 06, 2016
I just got done reading Song of the Heart where Cana is a succubus.
HappyCatTail HappyCatTail Aug 15, 2016
And instead of spying on them all of them fall in love with their partners!
-pearlyy -pearlyy Oct 08, 2015
Wtf how would you not enjoy falling inlove for the next three months?!
KuraiKasai41 KuraiKasai41 Sep 30, 2015
Shipping time boys... * she says with an evil smile on her face *
Yuki4142 Yuki4142 Sep 08, 2015
I knew it from the very beginning but... NOOOO!!!! Levys too innocent! She's not that type of person!