FAITH | Castiel [2]

FAITH | Castiel [2]

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✨ SHAY BARNES ✨ By winchestered_ Updated Sep 16

❝Sometimes, you had to have FAITH before you believe.❞

And he gave her faith back.


BOOK ONE: Regrets | Dean Winchester [ Completed/Editing, because I'm a lazy ass.]
BOOK TWO: Faith | Castiel [Snail Updates]
BOOK THREE: Choice | Sam Winchester [TBA, Sammy deserves his own story, alright?]

RUVIK151368 RUVIK151368 Mar 09
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Toby. The girl that Dean met at the diner?? Did anyone else notice that?
I really do like the story and I'm really sorry that Im slow and all but who's Abigail? I thought she was Toby? Sorry I'm just wondering d:
RiverRose2 RiverRose2 Dec 23, 2015
I saw the word Castiel and nearly squealed. xD I'm sure I'll love this book.
Nickcra Nickcra Dec 16, 2015
When u said mysterious,safe,and protective in between each of them u beet to put , in them
SupernaturalDAS SupernaturalDAS Nov 07, 2015
Anyone there?If there is I am sorry for directing  people to my story this is this person's story