Adopted brother? Adopted lover?

Adopted brother? Adopted lover?

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Melanie Eberheart By XxNekocoxX Completed

Jason's family has brought kids into their home ever since he can remember. Up till now he has just ignored or avoided them. When his parents bring in a boy the same age as Jason he tries to stay away from him at first then he notices this boy was different than the others. The others had tried to become friends with Jason. This boy was completely different he avoided Jason as much as possible always having an excuse to leave the room when Jason was there. Why is this boy so different? Will Jason even be able to talk to him?

This book is going to have a sequel called 'Experimental Brother? Experimental Lover?'. If you read this and I haven't yet put the next book up, know that it will be out soon! So be on the lookout!


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emibear_xo emibear_xo May 04, 2017
Your not actually allowed to take in children the same age as children you've already got. Well at least that's the law in England
FliJoker FliJoker Feb 28
I like the way you started the  prologue for your story, it holds suspense which I really like in stories. I'm already looking forward to read this story further.^^
I hate child abuse and Totally unrealted but I just drunk I huge cup of hot tea and I'm bruning up help!!
Yo I probably would have stood up and went "HI IM GAY!! Give me food and the wifi password and I may not murder you."
Anime_QueenFujoshi18 Anime_QueenFujoshi18 Oct 19, 2016
I can't stand pea's they irritate me. Ughh they are disgusting.
Shipsailrgramerpirat Shipsailrgramerpirat Jan 25, 2017
Why'd you mix perfectly normal broccoli with absolutely disgusting peas, Jason's mom?