Be My Juliet

Be My Juliet

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writingmaniac321 By writingmaniac321 Updated Aug 07

Penelope recently moved to England to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.  She never expected to fall for anyone, especially the Youtube sensation Dan Howell, better known as danisnotonfire.  Will their relationship work, or will something get in the way?

**Warning: May be triggering.


OMG instead of yet doth I read yet dong and was like 'woah Shakespeare' bit then I reread it
aaryas0803 aaryas0803 Nov 01
Am I the only one with dark brown eyes who think they are beautiful and not at all boring
                              People only think they are boring because no has thoughy of a beautiful way of describing them so really we are unique
HamPizza HamPizza 6 days ago
My dad has this doctor book thing that can tell you how tall you will most likely end up being, it says I'll be 6'5
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Most of the people who live in London don't really. The ones who live AROUND London do. Because lots of immigrants live in London and yep
Jessify Jessify Nov 15
But I only own black and white clothes... This is my problem