Rejected and Pregnant

Rejected and Pregnant

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I_am_Infinite101 By I_am_Infinite101 Updated Jan 01, 2015

Jessalyn mates with Ryder the Alpha of her pack. What happens when he rejects her and she's pregnant. Gone for 5 years Jessalyn comes back with gorgeous little Alexis while Ryder just digs himself a bigger hole.

During a rouge attack Jessalyn ends up finding her second chance mate who isn't perfect but she's willing to try for him. She faces a lot of problems one being who she will pick as her mate.

Who do you think Jessalyn will pick? Read to find out

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DAET1020 DAET1020 Aug 11
Again, do you mean obviously?  Cuz oblivious means that you don't notice something obvious.
ACN028 ACN028 Oct 27, 2016
Oh yeah. Well I left...  holes in your condom. Two can ply this game
Nicki505 Nicki505 Mar 14, 2016
this sounds a little bit rushed...
                              but i like where it's going?
Alpha_taniya Alpha_taniya Sep 21, 2015
Wow wow wow first take a deep breath and then tell whatever u wanted to tell.......
Hazel_102 Hazel_102 Aug 04, 2015
*picks up axe* 
                              Me: sit yo asś back down if you want to live .......
Gloriaalayahsims Gloriaalayahsims May 08, 2015
this man said before I forget lol really though!! now that was mean