The Criminal's Mate

The Criminal's Mate

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(Book One)   Taylor Fox lives in the crazy city of Miami Florida as the top police officer on the force. She lives off the adrenaline of a good chase on a criminal. Although her job puts her life on the line, she's completely committed to it, and tries not to think to much on it. 

Dominic Deleon... a master criminal who has hit banks all over the states. Never caught, and never gives a glimpse of his face. He's been involved in drug trades, theft, and has even been pinned for murder. Not only that, but he's a werewolf. A lone-wolf who had never found his mate. 

Miami is his next target. Taylor is called out to a bank robbery while on patrol. A man is badly injured during the process, meaning a paramedic needs to be sent in. None of the paramedic's have proper police training to be sent in. Taylor has had basic medical training, so she volunteers to go in the bank with Dominic' permission. What happens when the criminal calls Taylor mate?
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Stupid Zootopia... I'm not gonna be able to take her seriously now!
Im like ther wear pants over thier face?    *Gaspe* IS IT OPPISITE DAY AND I FORGOT!!
Mad_Hattress01 Mad_Hattress01 Nov 30, 2016
That's pretty cool. Getting to chase down a bull in a police cruiser.
YvonneAmour YvonneAmour Jul 20, 2015
I like the book though it does have repeated spelling errors.
sunset1103 sunset1103 Jun 28, 2015
I'm just starting the book and I'm just telling u I love the idea