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Possession | Jason McCann |

Possession | Jason McCann |

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JasonMcCann_my_bae By JasonMcCann_my_bae Updated Sep 06, 2016

Possession- [puh-zesh-uh n] Possession is the control a person intentionally exercises toward a thing or person. In all cases, to possess something or someone, a person must have and intention to possess it or them.

"I don't  believe in love." he says. "But I believe in possession."
Warning, contains explicit language and sexual content. Keep this in mind, I don't want your parents throwing bibles and pouring holy water on me. 
There will not be a sequel to this story 
copyright © JasonMcCann_my_bae ™ 2014-2015 #wattys2015

lonelysoul15 lonelysoul15 4 days ago
Guys you got to remember God loves and forgives everyone even if they are criminals😂😂😇😇
daddybiebergrande daddybiebergrande Jul 08, 2016
It it just me or do you want to see Justin with a tongue piercing and when he gets it you want him to lick your face....just me okay
daddybiebergrande daddybiebergrande Jul 08, 2016
What the hell are you the devil or some shi.........I always knew it no one can be that god damn sexy.
heenaabbas1 heenaabbas1 Sep 04, 2016
I dont like piercing on boys other than the first lobe ones and a nose
Nekobaby_rosey Nekobaby_rosey Oct 01, 2016
Jacob satarouies or something like that ???....don't Get mad at me I'm not that much of a fan
He's SPEEDING down the road,but don't worry he has ONE hand on the wheel