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Aria Raelyn By ariarlyn918 Completed

WARNING: Infedility trigger. 

Twenty-on-year-old Blythe is completely alone and going through the worst couple of months of her life, that is until her twenty-six-year-old step brother, Gage comes back into her life after living and working in Philadelphia for the past couple of years.

Gage is smart, inconceivably attractive, intriguing and completely off limits. Yet he enthralls Blythe in ways that she has been attempting to ignore since she first laid eyes on him when she was just twelve years old. Although they lived under the same roof for one year before Gage took off to college, Blythe knows relatively little about him since he'd only drop by for visits a couple of times a year and they rarely ever engaged in meaningful conversation.

As the days go by, Blythe is unable to shake her growing attraction toward her step brother or the emotions that begin to kindle between the two of them. She buries herself in a relationship with her childhood friend Adam, who has been in love with her since they were teenagers. But Blythe is unable to obliterate Gage from her brain because no other man has ever come close to making her feel what Gage ignites in her. She knows that the thought of Gage feeling anything toward her is completely senseless and absurd - primarily because he is engaged to be married - or is it?

Will Blythe keep her feelings for her stepbrother hidden away or will she decide to give into something that she truly wants and desperately needs?

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MelindaVenter1 MelindaVenter1 Apr 05, 2017
Finished reading the story! MIND BLOWING GOOD👌🏼MUST READ BOOK FOR EVERYONE! Damn your good ariarlyn918
aleakhuemercy aleakhuemercy Sep 09, 2017
nice plot. i really hope There's both of their POV in it...... cant wait
TheSwiftSinner TheSwiftSinner Apr 16, 2017 the ten year olds don't enjoy this more than the mature readers😂
Handsomedeviant Handsomedeviant Oct 21, 2017
How on earth could anyone be offended by “infidelity in literature “??????
                              Is this what the world has been reduced to??? Frightened to offend the handful of PC weirdos that would consider such writing to be offensive!!!
                              God save us all!!!!
Lipglossmafia Lipglossmafia Sep 14, 2017
So I'm rereading this book. Please don't make me cry like the last time 🙏🏾
AshleyHernandez3 AshleyHernandez3 Aug 19, 2016
I was reading your book and u just update and all the chapter are gone... 😒 what happed..