Hot Distraction

Hot Distraction

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MagicTurtles By BabeG1010 Updated Sep 02, 2017

Alex Watler's first year in college isn't exactly as perfect and organized as she hoped it'd be.

She enters her dorm with whom she'll be spending the next years of her life: A jock named, Sky Belfire, that suddenly starts taking a liking to her.

Alex is now going to have to live with what looks like the sexy alpha of college. Who's also constantly getting on her nerves and is trying to tease her. Just to add more gas to the flame, her past lover returns into her life and jeopardizes her newly found friendship.

Talk about a drama free zone gone wrong.

  • badboy
  • college
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  • parties
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  • rejection
  • romance
  • roommate
  • shortstory
  • skylex
  • temptations
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ThoricThrone ThoricThrone Nov 09, 2017
...😤😤😐😐 I don't have a boyfriend our a love life.......😑😑 why am I like this.....0_o
Princessa8400 Princessa8400 Jul 07, 2017
Actually you only have 4 fingers on each hand and one thumb which isn't a finger 🤷🏻‍♀️
Princessa8400 Princessa8400 Jul 07, 2017
I won't remember and will slack off is what she really means 😂
archery1 archery1 Jan 30, 2016
Ya I'll go for 30 minutes as Long as whatever is taking me is going like a thousand mph then I'll be fine.
bubblegumturbo123456 bubblegumturbo123456 Dec 27, 2015
Thirty minutes??? I want my college to be farrrr away from my crazy parents