Alpha Bloodlines (Completed)

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Kirsty Moseley By kirsty1000 Completed
Brook Mill's is an ordinary 17 year old girl with an older abusive boyfriend, when her boyfriend Trey goes out of town for the weekend her best friend Mel convinces her to go to her brothers friends party. 
    Things take an interesting turn when she meets a beautiful boy at the party and both of them seem to lose control, but it turns out the boy isn't what he appears. 
    He's a shifter, son of an Alpha wolf, he accidentally mates her, marking her as his own. 
    Her boyfriend is set on revenge, can Jayden protect her? and what will it cost him?
evrybody here said, "No way we will go to jail if we copy your book!" but seriously, if this book is sold in amazon or itunes or stores around the world, and we copy them, we seriously could go to jail AND pay thousand dollars
I would be like I didn't chose the thigh life the thug life chose me
Actually she is a published writer so it's not pointless and there is actually a real punishment for copying her stories
i think she has every right to do this anyways. it's her book she doesn't want anyone taking it or changing in any way. she spent her time working on it. in all honesty i would do the same exact thing.
is it just me who reckons that she just coped and pasted this from somewere online and this isn't actually legally copyrighted so all of what she just said is pointless and you copy it if you want.
NO I'M TOO YOUNG TO GO TO JAIL! jk i'm not one to copy books lol