Christmas Kisses

Christmas Kisses

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Elise Watson By VampireBunny2154 Completed

Megan Denson made a terrible mistake when she fell into bed with Matthew Wood - a long time family friend - especially knowing that he was leaving town the next day. 

Now eight months later, a week before Christmas, Matthew returns to much more than he left behind. When disaster strikes and they both are trapped under one roof with their entire family for the whole of Christmas, Megan's secret is bound to be revealed. 

Completed // #Wattys2015 //

LediaDarrow LediaDarrow Dec 07, 2015
I'm into it now don't want to put it  down but my butts going to sleep, I can't feel my legs, I'm hyperventilating. Can't wait to pick it up again.
LediaDarrow LediaDarrow Dec 07, 2015
Needless to say this isn't what I expected to be hit with before page one. I'd better get my big girl pants on for this one. Do I want to continue????
Rureal Rureal Jul 18, 2015
I usually don't read books like this, but this was really beautiful. I like that it's christmas themed. I want to know why he will be gone, is he in the military or something?. I like how you would describe the things happening. Can't wait to read more.
DizzMarshall DizzMarshall Jul 17, 2015
This was a beautiful prologue. I loved your details and how you set up the story for us, the readers. I absolutely loved that it's Christmas themed.
FallFeathers FallFeathers Jul 09, 2015
This chapter was very well-written, and I felt intrigued to find out what happens next! XD I didn't spot any errors, so keep on writing!
lindayassine- lindayassine- Dec 26, 2014
Your details are so good :O I totally love how you've written this, I was just wondering if this will be written in third person's throughout? I wonder where the first chapter is going to start off x)