Worlds Apart (Teen Wolf)

Worlds Apart (Teen Wolf)

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cover by: @sighstiles

"Confidence thrives on honesty, on honour, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection, and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live."

Carter Argent is your average girl. She has a protective uncle, an amazing cousin whos really a sister, a popular best friend, and the best boyfriend a girl can wish for. Her life is perfect. Except for one thing. She's dead. 

For the past year, she has been following her friends around, wishing they could know she's there. She stuck with them through everything. The alpha pack, darach and sacrifices, the nogitsune and now she's with them for the deadpool. But how can she help her friends if she can hardly pick up a rock. If she can't feel them, talk to them, or laugh with them. If they don't even know she's with them. She asks herself one question. 

Will she ever be with her family again?

Description by: @Ash_0140

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Elaine_557 Elaine_557 Dec 24, 2017
Can you actually fall in love with a character? Because I think I just did.
LumosThenNox LumosThenNox Jul 12, 2017
I get that she's a ghost, but am I the only one thinking they knew her before she died and that's why she calls him her boyfriend??
SugasSwaegLegs SugasSwaegLegs Jun 23, 2017
That's what people say when they think there's a ghost in the room
-taronegertons -taronegertons Jun 13, 2017
Uhhhhhh. Clearly she wasn't thinking that he is a werewolf. And THEY CAN HEAL.
Sarcastic_Wolf Sarcastic_Wolf Jun 05, 2017
                              IM SORRY FOR SPAMMING IN FOUR IN THE MORNING BTW
xoxHalsxox xoxHalsxox Jun 02, 2017
I bet you anything it'll be young derek who sees her. TBH I'm just brainstorming and I dunno what I'm saying and I'll just stop and leave … Kay bye! 😂😆😝😬