Stiles' boyfriend had never been the nicest guy. Not in high school. Not in college. And certainly not now as he's landed stiles in the hospital, leaving him with a very suspicious and..well HOT police officer..what was his name again? Derek? Well he's not letting stiles go without getting an answer for where those bruises came from.

I am I the only person to think of Damian as In Damian Wayne from the Batman comics
queen_kai06 queen_kai06 Jul 06
                              idk why that crossed my mind but I'm glad it did😂😂😂😂
TazorQueen TazorQueen Feb 10, 2016
I once got hit on my ribs and stomach and back and I had a lot of bruises and my excuse was "Oh lol I fell down the stairs bc I tripped, darn shoelaces" and everyone looked at me like "u suck at lying"
I tripped over my dog the other day and fell onto a pin and it went in my head
Bloodfest Bloodfest Dec 04, 2016
Why does everyone think stiles is a weird name. It's actually nice
I once broke my finger because someone left out the dustpan and brush and I tripped