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Yes Daddy. [Zarry AU]

Yes Daddy. [Zarry AU]

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Kat. By KatsDirection Updated Apr 19, 2016

Tear me apart, piece by piece. Break me apart like shattered glass. Do what you will, for I am yours. Hold a knife to my throat but I will not scream. Overwhelm me with your love, and I will do so in return, while your hand is held tightly around my throat. Take it all from me, and I will allow it. 
"Zayn, come here."
Zayn looked up, his eyes sparkling at the call.
"Yes Daddy."

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Mrsdenisemalik Mrsdenisemalik Feb 24, 2016
I like this sentence. Never thought of it this way, so true.
Dawaii101 Dawaii101 May 10, 2016
The only money I have is a paper clip, a penny, and a piece of lent.
TacoBee989 TacoBee989 Apr 10, 2016
No offense but are you going to write in 3rd, 2nd, or 1st person? Because you keep switching it up and it gets confusing
MyZaynieBoo MyZaynieBoo Apr 15, 2016
you keep doing zayn pov and then harry pov and then a theird pov very hard to understand anything!
MissZarryx MissZarryx Sep 07, 2015
Ok I couldn't resist coming back to read this chapter again because it was just too sexyyyy!!! Oh my goshhh!!! ;P <3
MissZarryx MissZarryx Sep 04, 2015
Ahhhh!!! Yes! YES!! Sooo happy I came across this story!! :D Dominant possessive harry with most importantly daddy kink is just the best!!!! Thank you for writing this story!! I'm so excited to keep reading!! This chapter was sooo hot!!