Brave-heart Nursery Rhymes

Brave-heart Nursery Rhymes

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Alanna Brave-heart nursery Rhymes

Here are several of the more popular nursery rhymes created to explain how Alanna became known as Brave-heart.

Pheonix Keep Version (Nephalim) 

By The Phoenix Keep Archivist. 

There is none quite like she, 

Who was brought to our land.

Against her wish with her sister, 

Blood bond hand in hand.

Unaware they were, 

Her foes that day. 

That she was strong, 

That she was brave. 


And fully aware. 

She endured thirty, 

Of the nerve whip's bite.

When rescue came,

 She boldly stood. 

Despite the pain, 

Twelve steps she took. 

When healed and whole, 

To the markets she goes. 

A stranger's honour she saved, 

By pledging her own. 

These actions so few, 

So powerful and true. 

Are the reason, 

We call her Brave-heart.

Two Towers Keep's Version (Gephalim) 

By Diana Yoder. 

Captured and abused, 

On the word of Lord Marcus. 

He had no idea, 

Of the gift he had brought us. 

He ordered her whip...