Drew's Blue

Drew's Blue

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liz By antheas Updated Dec 01

"You don't understand!" I nearly pull my hair out of my scalp. He was infuriating! He was absolutely mad!

"What don't I understand!?" He glares, patience wearing thin. He neared dangerously close each stride heavier than the other. 

His alluring aura screamed danger and frustration.

"You make me so angry-" his dark brown orbs glaring directly at me. Fire simmered in those emerald eyes.

"-So frustrated!" He cornered me against the wall.

"You make me want to turn my apartment upside down, you make me want to destroy everything in my path-" he leaned so close in his nose gently skimmed mine even though everything about him was aggressive.

"-And yet all of that makes me fall harder in love with you." His blazing eyes never once faltered as they stare directly at mine.

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When I read this title, I sing "IM BLUE, IF I WERE GREEN I WOULD DIE"
scoobywoo scoobywoo Apr 11, 2017
Update please!!! Its been a while since you have, but if something personal is going on, I completely understand :)
-GrizzlyBear- -GrizzlyBear- Mar 26, 2017
I loooooooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu this book is AMAZING
TheOfficialZamZam TheOfficialZamZam Nov 14, 2017
Damn he’s talented. How does someone write with their dicks?
btsforlifeyasssssss btsforlifeyasssssss May 11, 2017
I also have that pain in my rib area
                              Idk why it happens
                              When i breathe in it hurts
amaridf amaridf Jun 21, 2016
Yes hoe I said no now if you want some food order now or get off and for ever hold your peace and get your dirty nails out my wrist