His Possession

His Possession

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OWW By justdance3455 Updated Nov 08

"Stop it you nugget head!" I shout as he tickles me. 

"Why would I do that." He smiled.

"Because I said so!"

"And..." He pried.

"I love you."

* * * * 

Harvey's life has been very difficult since she came home that day when was barely a teenager. Years later a teenager trying to fit in and not be noticed is what Harvey is. She doesn't want any trouble, but its pretty hard when trouble is attracted to her. Trouble is a man. Trouble is simply Drew's middle name.

*suckish description I know*

-On Hold-

I love that song. I didn't think any one still listens to it
Nelirifat Nelirifat Nov 05
At first I thought he was her step-father! But being her real father he's a really big jerk acting like that towards his daughter!
Imagine going through aII that and then going to schooI Iike normaI... D:
amaridf amaridf Jun 21
Yes hoe I said no now if you want some food order now or get off and for ever hold your peace and get your dirty nails out my wrist
Mimi201389 Mimi201389 Aug 13
I took a seven minute shower this morning and was so proud of myself