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{Kakashi} Opposites Attract {Hatake}

{Kakashi} Opposites Attract {Hatake}

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xoxUndeadlovexox By xoxUndeadlovexox Completed


{Kakashi} Opposites Attract {Hatake} ~Chapter 1~

Ai's POV:

I sat under the same tree as I always had at the training grounds, listening to the same team training as I had for years. Listening, but not seeing. I could only see if I had my tiger eyes activated. Otherwise, I was as blind as an earthworm. I silently sketched in my notebook, hoping what I was drawing was close to what I could hear. I didn't want to use my tiger eyes unless I absolutely had to; no one other than my knew I could transform into a tiger, and I wanted it to stay that way. Just like I wanted to keep the fact that I was blind a secret from the village.

Some other things no one knew about other than myself and my family: my mother was an Uchiha, and I had full use of the Sharingan, Mangekyo included; I had killed my best friend when I was only five. I could see if I had my Sharingan activated as well, but didn't use it for t...

vicki-tai_onfleek vicki-tai_onfleek Dec 06, 2016
Or it could be roar by Kate perry, but I would prefer the eye of the Tiger, way better
CelestialRequipMage CelestialRequipMage Dec 07, 2016
Since when were there I pods in naruto but oh well let ur imagination take you wild
Breadstick_Otaku Breadstick_Otaku Sep 22, 2016
Omg is that a tiger in a forest in the middle of no where? Whaaaat a forest is totally a tigers natural habitat what are you saying
sociallyfailing sociallyfailing Sep 11, 2016
Just your casual everyday tiger strutting through the streets
_JiminsOfficialWife_ _JiminsOfficialWife_ Aug 07, 2016
The straw hats? Am I the only one whose like
                              "If we wear these straw hats, I'm sure no body will notice our Akatsuki cloaks"
ScarletNight02 ScarletNight02 Mar 27, 2016
Lawlz. I'd be that one guy who threatens a whole village. 😂