{Kakashi} Opposites Attract {Hatake}

{Kakashi} Opposites Attract {Hatake}

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{Kakashi} Opposites Attract {Hatake} ~Chapter 1~

Ai's POV:

I sat under the same tree as I always had at the training grounds, listening to the same team training as I had for years. Listening, but not seeing. I could only see if I had my tiger eyes activated. Otherwise, I was as blind as an earthworm. I silently sketched in my notebook, hoping what I was drawing was close to what I could hear. I didn't want to use my tiger eyes unless I absolutely had to; no one other than my er...family knew I could transform into a tiger, and I wanted it to stay that way. Just like I wanted to keep the fact that I was blind a secret from the village.

Some other things no one knew about other than myself and my family: my mother was an Uchiha, and I had full use of the Sharingan, Mangekyo included; I had killed my best friend when I was only five. I could see if I had my Sharingan activated as well, but didn't use it for t...

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I can't with this story. Deidara would have been a child if he got a girl pregnant 😧... and he hates Uchihas 😂
MoonsFallenAngel MoonsFallenAngel Nov 18, 2017
This is something i would do and something Nagato/Pain did do
Adripadher Adripadher Dec 22, 2017
Sooo.. for dei to 👉🏻👌🏻 with an uchiha, it should have been before the massacre, meaning at least 5 years before they all became genin at 12 yrs old. In shippuden, dei dei was 19, naruto and the rest were 15-16 meaning that for her to be born deidara must have been around 11 years old...
MoonsFallenAngel MoonsFallenAngel Nov 18, 2017
Thats what i never got in any naruto book or the anime. What if its just a normal person that just happened to be walking by the lair. What you going to send out your strongest members to attack this poor person.
G4m3rG1rl365 G4m3rG1rl365 Oct 15, 2017
Hmm so to hopefully clear this up a little. I think at the time this was written the author wasn't far enough in the anime/manga know who Tobi really was. Thus thinking that he was Tobi/Madara and not Obito. That might be why Obito and Tobi are two different people in this book.
Cadet_Fox09 Cadet_Fox09 Jul 10, 2017
when you relize youve read this book but get sucked into it again -_-