{Kakashi} Opposites Attract {Hatake}

{Kakashi} Opposites Attract {Hatake}

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{Kakashi} Opposites Attract {Hatake} ~Chapter 1~

Ai's POV:

I sat under the same tree as I always had at the training grounds, listening to the same team training as I had for years. Listening, but not seeing. I could only see if I had my tiger eyes activated. Otherwise, I was as blind as an earthworm. I silently sketched in my notebook, hoping what I was drawing was close to what I could hear. I didn't want to use my tiger eyes unless I absolutely had to; no one other than my er...family knew I could transform into a tiger, and I wanted it to stay that way. Just like I wanted to keep the fact that I was blind a secret from the village.

Some other things no one knew about other than myself and my family: my mother was an Uchiha, and I had full use of the Sharingan, Mangekyo included; I had killed my best friend when I was only five. I could see if I had my Sharingan activated as well, but didn't use it for t...

Omg is that a tiger in a forest in the middle of no where? Whaaaat a forest is totally a tigers natural habitat what are you saying
cookie_job cookie_job Mar 20
It's gonna be fine as long as he doesn't try to do any 'expirements' on her.
Just your casual everyday tiger strutting through the streets
NaLu_3403 NaLu_3403 Aug 07
The straw hats? Am I the only one whose like
                              "If we wear these straw hats, I'm sure no body will notice our Akatsuki cloaks"
Lawlz. I'd be that one guy who threatens a whole village. 😂
NaLu_3403 NaLu_3403 Sep 05
Wait, Tobi and Obito are the same, Ai went on a mission to spy or something on Team Minato and Obito was crushed when he was like 13....I'm so confusled