Drawn together (Urban)

Drawn together (Urban)

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QUEEN By Glamorous_gangsta Completed


Carnell Jr., Cameron and Valley are the Children of Carnell and Passion and they are 17 years old.

CJ and Cameron are popular, handsome, and have money. Every nigga wants to be them while  every bitch, or  hoe wants a piece of them. They ain't looking for nothing, but a good time.

Valley is the opposite of her twin brothers. She's quiet, anti social and lonely. She can't pay a boy to look her way. It's not that she's ugly she just has a little extra weight on her. She just wants to be apart of something, someone, anything. 

What happens when these triplets lives change for better and for worse.  What happens when Valley's babyphat leaves? What happens when Cj and Cam get something other than a good time? 

Glue your eyes to this sequal, and enjoy the lives that Passion and Carnell has started.

My Nigga my Nigga . Rite C.J lol I say the samething when ppl ask me for real
Yass I'm gonna use this one when me and my besfriend are trying to get out of class. Lol
lilbabym0 lilbabym0 Jul 27
He prolly mad that she lost the weight and guys gonna be on her now lolol you should've spokes up when u had the chance 🙄
I can tell that you have a good story line and I can't wait to read more
I would have been like ugh bye nigga you wasnt stunting me before
babyy_lul babyy_lul Aug 26
I bet if a girl was to have 'fun' then everyone would be commenting saying how she a hoe