Caped Crusaders (Morriston Superheroes #2)

Caped Crusaders (Morriston Superheroes #2)

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Danielle Banas By tasting_stars Completed

Book 2 of the Morriston Superheroes trilogy. Read book 1 - Men in Tights - first to avoid spoilers. 


Being a superhero is hard work. 
Being a superhero without any powers is even harder. 

After the invasion of nanotechnology on the city of Morriston, resulting in the destruction of his superpowers, Connor Hamilton's life is painfully average. He has renounced his alter-ego Red Comet, he attends college classes while wearing a giant pair of glasses like some nerd, and he doesn't know how to talk to the pretty brunette in his public speaking course without humiliating himself. With reminders of his past life cropping up everywhere he looks, Connor Hamilton longs to reclaim his title as the city's most famous superhero but doesn't know where to start. Luckily, there is one man in Morriston who may be able to help...for a price. 

For Abby Hamilton, life is hardly any easier. Rylan's rise to superhero stardom is beginning to put a strain on their relationship, and the unanswered note from the enigmatic faceless super is on her mind at all hours of the day and night. Add to that a new crew of supervillains bent on invading the city who won't leave Connor alone and Abby barely has time to think. Rylan firmly believes enlisting the help of the mystery hero is the key to taking back Morriston once and for all, but Abby doesn't want anything to do with such a strange man. Besides, his help may not be enough. 

With time running low and trouble at every turn, Abby Hamilton must face her most difficult challenge yet: What do you do when the only life you've ever known...has been a lie?

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PoisionMemories PoisionMemories Apr 18, 2017
For the longest time I thought the cover of this book was a dinosaur but now I realize it's a person.
QuillbeNimble QuillbeNimble May 23, 2016
I read your first book. It's soooooo good. Keep it up and shoot for the stars! :)
im_that_guy171 im_that_guy171 Mar 06, 2016
Nice copyright statement. Best chapter so far. Excited tho loved Men In Tights
thelonelyraindrop thelonelyraindrop Apr 28, 2016
Finished ur first's really good...u really know vat u r doing...aftr reading many boring ones it was refreshing to read something worth reading, thank u....
Ninjcat15 Ninjcat15 Aug 28, 2015
your books are awesome!!! i cant wait to binge read this one too!
MamaCheesecake MamaCheesecake Jul 12, 2015
This one's finished too?! WOO!!! Now I can binge-read once more and stay up till morning! XD