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Soulmates (DESTIEL AU)

Soulmates (DESTIEL AU)

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secretfangirl98 By secretfangirl98 Completed

Ten years old, that's when it's decided, at midnight the minute you turned ten, a name appears on your right wrist.

For Castiel and Dean neither knew wether they would meet their soulmate.

Castiel hid his and Dean was ashamed of his.

Dean has a secret, he can't get close to anybody in fear of them dying, because the monsters are always there, and they hurt everybody he loves.

Castiel doesn't know monsters exist, he refuses to believe they exist, demons, vampires and werewolves, they're all stories, until he's proven wrong, he will alway believe that.

I bet he throws  Sam a party when he gets his name even if it's Gabriel. *glares*
That's depressing. Except for aromantics, they're above soulmates and this crap we call "love" in the romantic sense
hpotter2003 hpotter2003 Apr 29
I'm a little confused. How would he know that's a dudes name. I personally have never met anyone or known of anyone with the name castiel and castiel if u don't know it's for a dude angel it sounds like the name could go either way
... I didn't realize he was still a hunter in this fic... *cries like a baby*
If John wasn't already dead I would kill him. He deserved a death infinitely more painful than he got
I have it ngl I actually have two one I wear 24/7 and the other is to hang in my car when I get it