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The Dork & The Daydreamer (Hiro x Reader)

The Dork & The Daydreamer (Hiro x Reader)

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Queen of the Universe By Laney-Of-The-Stars Updated Mar 01

You are (Y/N) (L/N), honor student at SFIT, one of Tadashi's closest friends, a daydreamer and the owner of a bitter sweet personality. Hiro, a dork, visits SFIT with Tadashi and meets his older brother's geeky (and rather fascinating) friends, including you. But someone is watching you all, like a cat stalking it's prey in the shadows. They see their moment of opportunity and kill Tadashi. Everyone is grieving over his loss, but that's not the end of events to come. It may even mean more trouble for you and your friends.
(Updates on Sundays and Thursdays)
This story will contain spoilers but it's all based off the TV spots, clips and trailers that I have seen until the movie is watched by your truly. It's not set in stone this is how the movie will go, it is just merely a loose version of the movie until the actual movie comes out and I can make the rest of the chapters by the movie's plot. So until then it's just a loose version. My apologies in advance, most characters with be OOC, (out of character).
I don't own Big Hero 6! I just own the plot point made by yours truly and the characters I made like Oliver and other up coming ones. I hope you like it!

wait...where did the reader zoom off to?! i need to know!! Dx
                              I quote " you zoom to the  you loved so much....w.t.f whats in between 'the' and 'you'?!
Felinephant Felinephant Jun 29, 2016
It isn't aiming if you can't see it, it's just luck. Dadadada 😎
ludwig09 ludwig09 Jun 24, 2016
For some reason I thought of the book freak the mighty but all u other people are like. It's a wedding reference. Am I the only one who thought of Kevin (aka: freak) from freak the mighty
_MoanYoongi_ _MoanYoongi_ Sep 24, 2016
Me!!  .-. I hate my dad and I have to go this weekend with him coz its his weekend. -.
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