My Prince (Published Book)

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Aly Almario By alyloony Completed
Arcie tried her best to enter Prince Academy, the school for elites in spite of being a commoner just to follow her first love. But after she succeed entering the school, she realized how far is the distance between him and the guy she loves and how it is impossible for them to be together. Being a commoner, she was always being bullied by her classmates and doesn't have any friends. So she decided to stay in shadows until she graduates. But when her last year in Prince Academy came, she became involve in six people which they called them selves Star Six, that made her final year turned upside down.
Student Assistant ako ngayon medyo Ok pero Isasalbo ko ibang Units mo dahil sa Duty mo
grabe minsn nakakaiyak pero sweet, ako minsan lang naniniwala sa puppy love
2 times ko nato nbasa :) hahahhahah adik sa kwento ni aloony :)!
sayang naman hindi na pala. mababasa ang ganda pa naman ng story sana makakita pa. ako. ng libro na yan parang wla na kasi
Natapos ko na and my prince hintay ko 2 ganda binili ko yung book ilove you !! ARCIE MORALES!!!!!!!!!! :)
KYAAAH! THUMBS UP TO THIS STORY~~ SUPER GONDO TOLOGO! HIHI~  I love you Jiro Festin and Arcie Morales! Pati na rin si Ren Salvy~ 
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