Strange Yarns

Strange Yarns

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Josh Saltzman By JoshSaltzman Completed

WATTY 2016 WINNER of the HQ Love Award!

Strange Yarns is a ball of tangled tales. Twisted, knotted, and intertwined. Like Tales of the Crypt, the Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits. Strange Yarns is not just a collection of ghastly tales, these are yarns, and yarns are sewed together. Follow the yarns and see the grand design... think of this as an evil quilt.  

Ghost, ghouls, and  cannibals being studied for nutrition research, Strange Yarns has got it all. ALL EXCEPT HAPPY ENDINGS!!! (The Author's Lawyer's retain the rights to define happy endings.)
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    *Josh Saltzman is a Canadian Comedy Award winning writer and director. Recently he was the head writer of  season 2 and 3 of Inspector Gadget on Netflix. His other credits include Fangbone! (Disney XD), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Animated Series (Sony/DHX), and in live action Call Me Fitz (HBO Canada). Josh has also made lots of weird videos you can find on youtube.

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Zaphirom Zaphirom Sep 08, 2017
Curiousity kills...
                              Looks pretty good and it's only the beginning!!!
Phinnah Phinnah Aug 29, 2017
And all i can think of is that old 'Jack- in-the-box' rhyme.
Froodyie Froodyie Oct 21, 2017
And that kids, is why you should never let your curiosity get the best of you. (Don't mind me I'm rereading these yarns :>)
XxCalelexX XxCalelexX Aug 18, 2017
Curiosity killed or captured the boy. And no, satisfaction did not bring him back...
mestrin mestrin Oct 24, 2017
From this day forward, whenever our suitcases are too full, I will tell my wife that it is because of her “lady stuff”. Love it!
kristin3578 kristin3578 Jan 06
I think I read this once but I can't remember so I'm reading it again.