T h e F o r g o t t e n

T h e F o r g o t t e n

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Amber By AmberLeeH13 Completed

{Completed} Six years ago Robin met a guy. The two had what ended up to be a one night stand but he left her with a gift for life, a son. Robin's moved on, or at least that's what she tells herself. She raises her son who she loves without condition and does her best to keep them happy and healthy. All of that changes though when the father of her child and the one she simply can't forget shows back up and this time he's got more than secrets on his tail.

And Its not just him they want.

*The First Book In The Randolph Wolf Trilogy*

  • bite
  • forgiveness
  • hunters
  • love
  • mark
  • mate
  • obsession
  • onenight
  • past
  • siblings
  • son
  • whitewolf
  • wolf
1-800-BASH-A-BITCH 1-800-BASH-A-BITCH Jul 15, 2017
Listening to Sam Smith "Lay me down" has me almost in tears 😭
EmilyBishopLepich EmilyBishopLepich Aug 25, 2017
I would kick some ass if people cuss in front of my kids. Haha but seriously I would not be happy
Tvlover2014 Tvlover2014 May 09, 2017
She's a young single mother. She needs the help. Hey, if she can have a one night stand and produce a baby I'm sure getting help would need be her worst problem
Tvlover2014 Tvlover2014 May 09, 2017
I'm glad she has the baby but I feel sorry for her because she must have felt like a one night stand and the father is no where to be found.
sweetasdevil sweetasdevil Sep 09, 2017
I have same boss like Hank..  It's like if I have brick in my hand at that time I would have hit him
Tvlover2014 Tvlover2014 May 09, 2017
And thanks to the baby daddy, he didn't mention he was a werewolf didn't he? Charlie is probably going to have some struggles growing up.