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M3lodyz300 By M3lodyz300 Completed

Lee Minjung. Minjung is a 14 year old girl living in a children's hospital in Seoul, Korea. Her mom died in a car accident and her father abused her. When Minjung was sent to the hospital, she spoke to no one. As years passed, she grew more comfortable. The people in the hospital, patients and workers, all adore Minjung. When a kpop boy group visit the hospital, Minjung feels unsafe. The boys try to get close to her, but will them trying to be just friends become more than that? Will Minjung speak again and fall in love?

xxxibsalo xxxibsalo 3 days ago
you don't know how will it be.maybe bad or can't judge people by have to know them good and know their personalities...
*facepalm* no no don't say it like that, it just makes it worse...
Junggjimin Junggjimin Feb 01
I should go to the hospital and ask my doctor to do that 😂😂😂
Asian_Hoe37 Asian_Hoe37 Dec 03, 2016
You should've said "These children need to experience things and meet people they love before they don't have a chance."
xxxibsalo xxxibsalo 3 days ago
ok everyone is talking about how it should be doesn't matter for me . because its true no matter how you say it.I feel bad,because there are children like that in reality too.who don't have anyone,sick,unhappy,always crying ,etc...I just feel so bad