Narutos sister

Narutos sister

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animeobsessedfanficbaka By Thisismyusernamemeh Updated Apr 15, 2016

Naruto sister story. Read it, it's pretty good.


Pictures and characters other than the ones I make up DONT belong to me.

Me:*drinking water* 
                              Iruka: I LOVE YOU NARUTO! 
                              Me:*spit water**choke* *choke* *breathe in* WHAAAAT
Gwaedhil Gwaedhil May 08
Honestly, Sakura had that coming. And there's only so much someone can take before they snap.
KireinaHatake KireinaHatake Mar 20, 2016
Every time I read about this I can't help but laugh because sas-gay kissing Naru
Yukikora Yukikora Aug 06, 2016
Le meh when I see a pic of nu'est Ren with long hair and a bit Make-up: ...He looks like a guuurl!
- - Aug 09, 2016
I readied it wrong and I through our fellow Uzumaki was in team 6... I cried and cursed and cried and cursed and hit my tabled and cursed some more...
__ignis__ __ignis__ Nov 06, 2016
*plays pineapple pen song* i have a sause, i have gay UHH SASGAY